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Let your customers find you

Standing out in an increasingly crowded web can prove to be complicated. Differentiation is essential.
Kipo Studio helps you bridge the gap between your customers and the information they are looking for on your website or e-shop, and it does so by building an engaging and intuitive interface that works well on any device, from smartphones to computers.

Kipo Studio chose to specialise in WordPress and WooCommerce, so as to be able to provide its customers with a user-friendly tool that has much to offer. We also offer other e-commerce providers and superoptimised HTML + Grav websites to those who need superior performances.


We design our websites attentively and with great care, taking our customers’ needs as a starting point and developing a strategy for our graphic interface and structure that can guide the user’s experience in a way that is consistent on all browsers. Break the mould: be noticed and let your ideas and products break free with an efficient and effective tailor-made website.


Kipo Studio develops e-shops in-house by using WooCommerce e PrestaShop, ideal tools that require ease of use, great possibilities for customisation and advance marketing and re-marketing tools. We build e-commerce portals with Magento for those who have over a thousand products in their catalogues and hundreds of daily sales.

Search Engine Optimisation

Why build a website if no one is going to visit it? We add basic Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O.) to all our websites. Those who have higher requirements can benefit from our advanced S.E.O. service, complete with strategic analysis of targets, keywords and competitors, monthly reports, geolocation marketing and creative writing.

WordPress and other CMS

Companies and people are as dynamic as the information they provide on their websites. We are expert WordPress and Grav users, two tools that enable our clients to have full control of their websites and the flexibility to update and develop pages and blog articles simply and quickly.

Web Marketing and Advertising

Search Engine Optimisation generates excellent long-term results. To kick-start (or restart) a business, other techniques can be exploited, and that depends on the desired target audience: this is why we create social media campaigns and Google ads to bring more traffic and results to your website.

The most powerful CMS!

More than 34% of websites have been made with WordPress. Its popularity is due to its simplicity and functionality: there is a plugin for everything! However, not all of its additional components are really optimised to grant maximum performance. Kipo Studio analyses its themes and plugins to recommend the highest-performing options for your needs.

MooCloud Hosting

We build websites and e-shops to attract many visitors. But a standard server can’t handle many requests without resulting in performance drops.

53% of users leave websites that take over 3 seconds to load, and this has disastrous effects on your profits in terms of sales and campaigns.

To meet the needs of those who require an ultra-high-performing website, we developed a partnership with MooCloud, a Swiss provider that offers safe, ultra-fast Cloud hosting.

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