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Social media is a website’s best friend. Give the right attention to both with Kipo Studio.
The main difference between social networks and websites is that, while websites require the user to actively come to us, social media allows us to reach the users directly, responding to (and sometimes anticipating) a certain need.

This is exactly where social media’s main strength resides: it can widen the client base and is, in all respects, the best way to connect with our old clients and make them more aware of what we do.

Social Media Strategy

Strategy is the compass that helps you find your way around social media, communicate effectively with your audience, retain your customers, achieve tangible results and, most of all, better employ both your energies and your sponsorship budget. Kipo Studio creates integrated plans between social media channels, defining the most suitable content for each and adapting style and language.

Editorial Plan

Whether you’re creating a new profile or simply improving an existing one, we can help you set up and schedule your posts with a personalised editorial calendar tailored to your needs. We measure and analyse a series of factors to define your target audience and refine post types, in order accomplish constant, measurable improvement.

Social Advertising

Amplify your voice on social media, increase your client’s awareness of yourself and your products, reach a wider audience, let your online reputation shine. Kipo Studio creates original advertising campaigns to bring your brand’s essence to your clients, researching the most effective formulas to achieve your goal.

Ad-hoc Contents

An effective brand and effective contents are important to make a good impression, and they are the key to really standing out on any social, particularly on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Improve your page’s appearance with images, videos, stories and professional content that have been created especially for you to help you grab your customers’ interest and facilitate their interaction.

Conversational ChatBots

We are able to develop automated communication systems that can simulate a human conversation, therefore engaging your customers and facilitating their initial approach. These advanced systems improve conversion significantly by acting as ice-breakers on your behalf even when you’re not face to face with your client.

Community Management

Uploading and optimising contents aren’t the only steps you need to follow in order to achieve a satisfactory social media presence. Replying quickly to your fans’ comments and questions is also necessary. Our team is prepared to manage the community and can even deal with “crisis” situations, in which replying quickly and correctly is of the utmost importance.

What if your campaigns weren’t working in the past?

A campaign that hasn’t been optimised and that doesn’t originate from a careful analysis of your target audience (and its needs) won’t be as successful as a campaign that has been carefully planned. Find out how to optimise your budget and achieve the goals your product and your company deserve.

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