Kipo Studio Creative Agency

We are a multidisciplinary creative
agency based in Reggio Emilia.

We help people and companies develop their growth strategies, launch projects, expand their business and generate new connections with potential customers.
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kipo studio
kipo studio

A bridge to reach your goals

Follow our llamas and discover new horizons for your business. We’ll provide you with all the necessary tools to match your objectives with your customers’ needs. We’ll help you with our own tools: strategy, branding, website, videos, images, SEO, social media. We’ll cross the bridge together, we’ll reach the ancient portal and we’ll bring out the llama in you!
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A few case studies

These case studies show companies that trusted our llamas and embarked on an adventure to move closer to their goals, one project at a time.
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Our services

Kipo Studio’s llamas are able to provide a comprehensive service, thanks to the use of alien technologies hidden within the walls of ancient Andean temples, though perhaps this was supposed to remain a secret…
strategy kipo studio


Strategy is the first step towards implementing a successful communication plan, optimising resources and verifying its effectiveness. We build a bridge to meet your goals. Strategy

websites kipo studio

Websites, E-shop and SEO

Online presence begins with a website. We can accommodate any request, from showcase websites to e-commerce, using tools such as WordPress and WooCommerce. Websites

branding kipo studio


First impressions are important, and we can help you develop all your elements in a way that matches your brand: logo, catalogue, brand identity, advertising campaigns and more. Branding

video kipo studio


Videos are among the most effective tools to convert users into customers, especially on social media sites. But creating a good video isn’t enough to ensure success: a really bright idea behind it is also fundamental. Videos

photos kipo studio


There’s nothing worse than a clear image with a blurry concept behind it. Whether it’s meant to be used as part of an ad campaign or on social networks, a well-planned, carefully thought-out image is much more effective. Photos

social media kipo studio

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram and other social networks can create extraordinaty opportunities in terms of service or product promotion. We create engaging content and Social Media ADV. Social Media

kipo studio

Find your inner llama!

If you're ready for your transformation, or if you'd like more information on our potion's recipe...