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In a dynamic world, images alone may not be enough. Videos and animation tell us about reality from a different perspective.
In 2019, video is the most powerful tool to promote an event, a service or a product. For this reason, Kipo Studio is ready and well-equipped to meet any needs a company may have.

Whether you need an advertising campaign or a video reportage for an event, we are able to reach high quality standards and, more importantly, we can get your company closer to your customer.

Company Videos

Describing your services visually is a great way to present your company that can enable you to explain the most complex processes and make them easier to understand in a heartbeat. In a fast-moving world, being able to explain concepts in a matter of seconds is essential.

Video Campaign

If you want to promote an event, a service or a product, we can develop a strategy to create an advertising campaign that can boost your sales and generate new customers even through videos.

Video reportage

If you want to talk about a special event, a conference or the launch of a service or to draw more attention on what you do or produce, we can create a video reportage to collect the event’s contents and reactions.

Social Pills

Social Media is part of everyone’s lives, and a correct online presence is very important. Videos play a fundamental role in this area too, which is why we develop quick short videos for social media that encapsulate your company’s whole essence within a few seconds.


We’ve been cooperating with agencies for years, providing video post-production services that can range from simple editing to color-correction, video tracking, keying, minor after effects retouching and even complex post-production and sound FX services.


Logos, icons, illustration and drawings all have a strong impact. But they can become even more effective with animation. Whether it’s applied to a logo in a video’s introduction or to an icon on your website, animation makes our content more precious, it makes it come alive and it grabs the viewer’s attention.

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