First impressions are indelible.

Branding is so much more than designing. It means questioning things, investigating every detail, describing an idea or a project by using shape rather than words.
A company’s image needs to be able to inspire and transmit its personality and values immediately. It has to be fully coherent with the company’s DNA, because appearance is one of the first elements that enable us to form an opinion on a service, a product, a business, a person or a group of people.

It needs to be organised in its various areas, such as catalogue, website, advertising and social media, not only in terms of being immediately recognisable, but also for the way it conveys reliability and authenticity and how it creates a memorable, long-lasting experience for its customers.

Naming and Language

What message would you like to send across? What’s the best way to say it? A brand’s name and language define it just as much as its appearance. We work with our clients to adjust a brand’s linguistic personality with the values and concepts it’s meant to communicate, until we reach the naming phase, in which we help you find a name for your latest project.

Logo Design

Kipo’s team gathers its knowledge to create the most suitable, engaging, beautiful image and logo for your brand. Each brand is like an iceberg and the logo is the tip you can see on the surface: even if the majority of content is underneath sea level, the logo is immediately visible. It’s only by conducting a thorough research and a diligent execution that an exhaustive result can be found.

Brand identity

Identity, also known as Corporate Image, is the union of all those graphic elements – such as colours, fonts and shapes – that make it possible for a brand to be recognised even without its logo. Together with Naming and Language, Identity helps positioning a brand and making it suitable for its target audience: will your identity be friendly, serious, precise, provocatory or minimalist?

Hard Copies

Starting from scratch, we design catalogues, brochures, flyers, leaflets, product sheets, business cards and any other paper-based material that may help you make a good impression. In the digital era, paper is still very important, and this is why Kipo doesn’t use templates and designs original graphics to deliver a result that can attract your target audience.

Trade Shows and events

Whether you need banners, panels, glass decals, pre-spaced stickers, entire set-ups, personalised USB keys, gadgets or more, Kipo Studios knows the best way to present your stand at a trade show or an event. And, together with our other digital services such as mini-sites, adverts or video-mapping projections, you are bound to attract attention.

Advertising and Copywriting

What is the best way to interact with your customers? Should you use print advertising, banners and flyers? Or should you create videos and set up Facebook, Instagram and Google campaigns? Or develop an integrated plan that takes all these options into consideration? We amplify your voice by bringing the essence of your brand and products to a selected target audience, leading you to achieve tangible results.

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