It’s not your usual

communication agency.

Kipo’s team came into existence by accident in 2014, the worst year for llama production, which is why Kipo decided to dive into the multidisciplinary world of design. A flat tyre forced them to stop in Reggio Emilia, a place where they’ll discover a newfound love for mosquitoes and creative consulting.

When someone asks us what we do for a living, we always tell them we’re chili peppers trainers, as we are embarassed to call ourselves designers. Still, we’re proud of many other things we’ve done: we climbed a hill, visited a castle, designed a llama-shaped logo, proposed a referendum to abolish fog and even shook Mr Lorem Ipsum’s hand.

Kipo deals with multidisciplinary creative consulting for human beings and, obviously, for llamas.
Our method

This is Kipo Studio

Elis Bonini

Creative director + strategist

Federico Fornaciari

Project manager + web designer

Alessia Gambetti

Graphic Designer

The whole team

Davide Terenzi
Grpahic animator

Nadir Bonazzi

Lorenzo Fornaciari

Francesco Rossi
Photographer / Videomaker

Matteo Nanni

Francesco Calzolari

Simone Cammarano
Social Media Strategist

Luca Pretorius
Music Producer & Audio FX

kipo studio

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