First impressions matter

Show off what you do with a well-developed image.
Websites, digital campaigns and social media can’t achieve their full potential without good photographic content. Investing on professional production of this kind of content is fundamental and often underrated.

Whether they are aimed at showing the company and its services or its products, behind each image there’s a strategy that guides its look, and, as a consequence, the way both the image and the company itself are perceived.

Company Images

If you’d like to present your company by visually describing your services and showing complex processes, you can easily do it with company images. Getting to the heart of the matter at a glance is fundamental to engage a new client or “cuddle” an old one.


Corporate events, conferences, anniversaries, special events: these are all ideal moments to collect material that can be used for promotional purposes. If you want to draw more attention towards what you do or produce, we can create a photo-reportage to collect the event’s contents and reactions.

Still Life

Our studio is equipped with a photographic department, so it’s easy for us to handle complex product shootings that require spacious sets and a variety of props. Whether the contents you need are for a catalogue, for a social media campaign or even for your new website, we are prepared.


Kipo Studio can develop a strategy to create a photographic advertising campaign that can boost your sales and generate new customers, whether you need to promote an event, a service or a product.


Professionals and agencies need to create ad-hoc images either by editing other pictures or by creating veritable photorealistic patchwork. Kipo Studio can elaborate even the most complex images by cooperating with photographers or art directors.

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