Kipo the llama is very attached to human beings: he likes to invent, experience and design for them!

Kipo Studio

We are narrators, problem solvers, creative minds and we like to have a laugh from time to time: we are Kipo Studio. We take all our projects very seriously, but we don’t do the same with ourselves. By combining our experience and design expertise, we join forces and create a strategy that brings our customers closer to their goals.

Websites, images, videos and graphics do not scare us: we are always eager to learn and we dedicate our artistic sensitivity to creating valuable content that can keep up with the times.

Our projects

Our team

Since its birth back in 2014, a dark era when Instagram Stories were yet to be born, Kipo Studio has managed to develop a network of reliable and functional creative professionals.

Who we are

We are in Reggio Emilia, Italy

Kipo lives “Sotto La Panca” (“Under the Bench”), a space for creative professionals where it can run freely. By exchanging views with the others, he can provide a comprehensive service.

We lighten the world by freeing your inner llama.

By using a method typically used in product design, we bring out the brand’s essence and translate it into its various forms, while also keeping the customer’s needs in mind. This leads us to develop a communication strategy that enables us to reach the client’s goals.

Our method

The work environment

Being surrounded by creative partners who also work in different fields enables us to have constructive exchanges and join forces to face new challenges.

A giant cyclorama

Kipo Studio has a photographic studio that can be rented for photo and video projects.

kipo studio

Find your inner llama!

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