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With every project we begin, we aim to cooperate with our client in order to find the better solution for him, in order to accommodate his needs while also delivering a project we can be proud of. We create llama-friendly projects for people, brands and businesses that still haven’t found their inner llama.

Thanks to our product design knowledge, we have been able to develop a design method that can be applied to a series of creative fields, such as websites, branding, strategy, photography…
This methodology’s advantage consists in letting the customer play the leading role: he participates in the creative project, he witnesses its stages first-hand and he often becomes more involved and aware of the process. We want our clients to feel at ease with Kipo, our methods and our professional ethics. For this reason, it’s very important for us that our customers feel welcome, as they can tackle complex projects in a much more carefree, cheerful way.
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Kipo Studio builds a bridge with its clients to help them achieve their business goals.
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