2017 – current

Viaggi della Memoria

Website, logo, branding and catalogue

We took care of rebranding and positioning for Viaggi della Memoria. The renovation involved corporate image, website and social media. We introduced new instruments, such as informative brochures, blogs and newletters, to establish new connections with their audience.

Telling those Stories that made History.

A vast majority of Viaggi della Memoria’s audience is not so young anymore, so we decided to hypersemplify their website’s browsing experience by making fonts bigger and developing a language that could be suitable for the target age group.

The website’s main purpose is showing upcoming tours and telling the story of those lesser-known pieces of history. The former aim was achieved with a tailor-made WordPress structure, the latter with a blog.


A personal journey through history.

Over the years, the expression “Viaggi della memoria” (in Italian, “journeys of remembrance”) has become a way to identify a trip to those places where history happened. Viaggi della Memoria does not judge history or its interpreters: all it does is give the traveller all the tools he needs in order to develop an opinion.It’s a group trip, but it’s also a personal, intimate journey, one that is also made of silence and reflection. We opted for a corporate image in which the only recognisable element is the book, which stands as a symbol for learning.

Both a museum and a tour operator.

A journey of remembrance is an extraordinary experience that involves historical investigation and takes you through cities, trenches, extermination camps, museums and walks with people and communities who were involved in an event. It’s an active journey to what is often defined as a an “open-air museum”. This is one of the reasons why Viaggi della Memoria’s graphics and social media are inspired by the kind of communication one might find in a museum, rather than a travel agency.

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