Self Atletica


We made a documentary on the first thirty years of life of one of the most important athletics clubs in Emilia Romagna. The story is told with a mix of in-studio and on location interviews, historical footage and animated graphics.

A big family.

We were asked to create a documentary that could captivate a more “social” target while telling the story of the sporting club. The aim was to take the little archive materials we had, which, as interesting as they were, would have been somewhat demanding for viewers to engage with, and turn them into something that could catch their interest. To do so, we animated them and brought them to life, therefore grabbing the audience’s attention and hitting emotional chords.

Kipo Studio develops and designs videos according to the customer’s needs and budget. Storytelling, reportage, animation, commercial… The only important thing is managing to develop a product that enables our customer to achieve his goals.

A story made of many stories.

This athletics club has a long and prestigious story to tell, but not many documents exist that date back to its origins, especially the first years of its existence. These documents mainly consist of newspaper clippings and photographs. For this reason, we decided to use 2.5D techniques to animate the photographs, as this enabled us to simulate three-dimensionality by animating foreground elements and leaving the background unchanged, therefore making the subject “come alive”.

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