2017 – current

SBD Italia

Website, photos, branding

We created a website and images for an e-shop that sells gym training products and accessories, making it stand out from its competitors, who were already established on the market.

Competition, from gym to shop.

A severe, almost martial user experience. For professional athletes or amators striving to achieve the best with their equipment. A visual experience full of clear images, in which Italian powerlifting champions show them how to use the products.

Kipo Studio develops and designs websites starting from scratch, building their structure from their grounds, in a way that lets the customer create and update his own contents in complete autonomy


Photos of products in action.

SBD Italia boosts experienced clients that have been using powerlifting equipment for years, together with an increasingly growing number of new clients who are approaching this discipline for the first time and who need to be educated on how to use these products. For this reason, it’s importance to use elegant images on white backgrounds, together with a series of photographs that show the products being worn.

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