Pieve di San Vitale


We were commissioned by architects Costa and Lenzini to create a video to show their restoration work in Pieve di San Vitale. Just like all visitors, we, too, were fascinated by that building’s unexpected beauty. The visitor is immersed in an atmosphere of reflection, as a result of that special quiet and sacred vibe that only ancient buildings can radiate.

A hidden jewel in the hills of Reggio Emilia.

Small in appearance, but big in prestige. We can define it as a museum of contradictions: medieval but technological, bare but interactive. You won’t find any collector items there, but you’ll live a kind of everyday routine that dates back to over a thousand years ago.

Even if this isn’t one of our best videos, we want to keep it on our website because it’s one of the few contents available on the web that stands as proof of this museum’s very existence and wonder.

An unexpected place.

You wont find many items inside this little museum. Instead, you’ll find a real technological hub of games, lights and illusions that guides the user and enables him to discover these objects. A relationship is established between the visitor and the object that could nearly be defined as intimate, as the object appears to be able to tell its own story. It’s rare for bigger and more prestigious museums to achieve such effective communication between people and history. We wanted our video to be a journey of discovery of this place.

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