La Palestrina


We took care of the branding of a small indoor climbing gym created by the climbers themselves. We wanted to testify the collective commitment of each climber, the family atmosphere where everyone is an active part. It could not be just a logo, it had to be their logo.

The Trademark is the process.

We asked ourselves how to develop a logo that could be everyone’s. We devised a way to make all the members of the gym participate in the creation of the logo itself.

We asked each one of them to write the name of the gym with a felt-tip pen while they were working out. Writing in an awkward situation allowed us to alter their writing skills: fatigue, effort and determination came into play (the same commitment they put into renovating the gym). The union of all the writings has created what is now their logo and that represents the effort and contribution of everyone.

Un-coordinated corporate image.

A “classic” corporate image defines and controls the shape, getting a very definite and predictable graphic result. On the other hand, a non-coordinated corporate image defines and controls a process. The output of that method will be a series of graphic results, all different from each other, but united by some parameters (in this case the felt-tip pen style). Thus, coordination is not defined by the shape but is based on different rules.

The instructions and the parameters we gave them introduced variables into the project and allowed the randomness to have an important role in the final result by creating a look that could not be foreseen. Any writing mistake during the process was welcome as a part of this logo’s uniqueness.

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