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Website, photos, catalogue, strategy

We reinvented the Northwall’s image, especially for the website and the catalogue, and made it more dynamic. For this project we needed to take images that make the product really stand out and illustrations that showed how to use the devices correctly.

Innovative rescue equipment.

Northwall needed to renew its strategy to communicate more effectively the functioning and the value of products such as helicopter helmets and medical rescue equipment that are used by emergency services all around the world.

Kipo Studio creates and designs websites also on the WordPress platform, so that the customer can make and update their own content in total autonomy.


A simple message to explain an articulated product

All of Northwall’s products are highly customizable to the customer’s needs and have many modular accessories. We designed a simple and clear catalogue to guide the reader to the right product for him. To do so, we chose an essential look that highlights the features of each object.

At the same time, the website should invite the user to explore the products and contact Northwall for a quote, without being a real e-shop.

Image is the key to simplicity.

The medical equipment produced by Northwall protects both the rescuer and the person rescued, even in extreme conditions. The use of products of this type requires real training and the success of an operation always begins with the choice of the suitable equipment for that specific situation. Therefore we developed illustrations that explain the functioning and the peculiarities of each product, highlighting the most important features with an accent color.

The product in the spotlight.

We chose to photograph the products as design objects. We emphasized the care in design, the high tech details, the care of every single functional feature and the research on innovative materials. Showing for example the very small thickness of their carbon fiber stretchers.

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