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Website, illustrations, branding

We took care of strategy and repositioning for a Swiss IT company, designing a corporate image and a website that represented its great technological innovation as well as its ease of use. Easy as pie, or, as they say: easy as drinking a glass of milk!

Simplicity. High technology within everyone’s reach.

User experience was planned with a factory in mind, as a metaphor for a stress-free life.
The idea of simplicity is sent across by using animated illustration that helps inform the customer on the services’ features in a playful way.

Kipo Studio develops and designs websites starting from scratch, building their structure from their grounds, in a way that lets the customer create and update his own contents in complete autonomy


A playful brand within everyone’s reach.

MooCloud is a technology services company that takes care of other companies’ IT infrastructure. The company needed to convey its values of simplicity and customer care in a way that could enable them to establish trust immediately. Starting with their logo, we decided to “play” by showing their professionality and playfulness.

Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O!

The analogy between the factory and the “Server Farm” appeared to us to be the best way to provoke a positive reaction in the customer, encouraging its curiosity and reminding him of country life’s positive lure. The cow is a mascot that accompanies the user in every page and becomes a messenger for any kind of communication the MooCloud team wanted to send across. Accompanied by the cow and the other farm animals, the user discovers all services in a gamification that is never an end in itself.

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