Lorenzo Tondelli

Website, Animations

We created a website for a luxury bespoke furniture maker. The goal has always been standing out from competitors and showing the originality and the character of the company.

“Think space as a stage,
all set to be dressed with cosmic grace”

Back in 1954, Tondelli began working on customized furniture for people in pursuit of a fresh, exquisite look. And this is how he got widely known for using the finest types of wood to create unique pieces, not only in Italy but all across the World and especially in China.

They needed a minimal website to showcase their distinctive and superb pieces of furniture. The minimalist structure lets the pictures really stand out. An accurate choice of typography, colors – and especially Lorenzo’s original drawings – show a hint of the company’s personality.


“Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive”

Lorenzo’s drawings were a distinctive feature of the brand’s style. We took them and animated them. Simple and gentle movements to guide the website visitor’s attention on a detail or a call-to-action.

Sometimes the animated pictures overlap on the paragraphs and the photos to create a metaphorical bond between them and add a new meaning. The allusion may not always be clear but that’s intended. Elegance and curiosity.

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