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We handled branding for what can be better described as a muscle strength training school rather than a gym, as it uses new strength training methodology. For this reason, they needed to be perceived in a more scientific and less “gym-like” way.

A strict training that leads to results.

A logo that can tell a story.

Kipo Studio develops and designs corporate images starting from scratch, scrupulously justifying its stylistic choices. No detail is left to chance, and attention is equally given to targeting and to each element’s deeper meaning.


Science meets La Forza.

La Forza presents itself in a scientific, almost academic way, and needs a brand that can be both serious and stimulating. The logo appears to be reproducing an element of Mendeleev’s periodic table, but a bright red Λ breaks the balance.

And it’s no coincidence that this visual challenge originates from Hellenic-looking graphic lines. Their inspiration was the mythological sentence ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ (Greek for “come and take [them]”), which was originally stated by Leonidas in response to Serse’s demand that the Spartans surrendered their weapons.

From that sentence, we used the lambda, a quintessential Lacedaemonian symbol, with the aim of keeping in mind that achieving a result is a daily challenge for every single one of La Forza’s athletes, and that success is possible for those who are determined enough.

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