HideOut – iHires Table

Product design

We created a standing desk to be positioned in IT consultancy film iHires’s new headquarters. The function of this workspace is to hide all peripheral devices’ cables on the overcrowded desk.

A completely personalised table where you can hide anything you want.

It’s the table that needs to adapt to you, and not the other way around. Designed to the customer’s exact specifications, our table is simply perfect for its end user.

Hideout originated from the need to have a workspace that could be suitable for the everyday life of a dynamic and modern – and perhaps also hectic and chaotic – office, just like all offices are, including iHires s.a.s.

In the same way, the origin of our species transformed a tiny mammal that resembled a rat into what is now known as man, together with other mammals, and this process involved attempts, alterations, success stories, reshuffling and opinion changes that led to a constant process of improvement and adaptation to the external environment. Kipo Studio changed the whole concept of “table” by rethinking it, altering it, changing its mind and adapting it to the external environment, which, in this case, is the modern working environment. Hideout is one out of an infinite number of potential solutions, but it’s our idea of how a workspace can be efficient, tidy and spacious in a way that can free creative minds and, at the same time, be comfortable, soothing and big enough not to tire those who live in that space.


Standing by your side.

Experts reassure us on the fact that spending part of our working day standing up has incredible benefits not only our work’s quality but also, more importantly, on our own well-being. Hideout is a workspace that has been tailor-made and developped around its user’s measures. When you are at work and standing up, it’s even more important to do things properly: a workspace that is either too tall or too short would create difficulties or even damage us instead of helping us.

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