Eleva – Advanced Music Meeting


Kipo studio designed a corporate identity for the “Eleva 18 – Advanced Music Meeting” music festival. They asked us to convey a fresh, young image that could imitate indie music’s typical carefree, alternative style.

“Blanca, money and sex. The road to success.” – M¥SS KETA.

Together with Eleva 18’s marketing team and social media manager, we established what kind of look and message we wanted to send across, designing a corporate image that could captivate the target audience’s interest and show the modern side of a festival that has been acting as a talent scout for years.

Kipo Studio used shots made by a young rising photographer to create ad hoc, tailor-made graphics for an event with a huge personality, working hand in hand with the marketing team.

It’s a well-known fact that being responsive to whatever need may arise is very important when handling an event, or, in this instance, a music festival. We managed to grant absolute reliability of high quality contents and products in very little time.


Search for current trends.

At an age when users are always attentive and ready for new experiences, the importance of contemporary trends can’t be forgotten. This phase required several days in which we conducted research and tests, until we found what would become the festival’s corporate image. Taking inspiration from the way 2018 vinyl covers looked like, we created a glitched, corrupt image, with text/image overlapping.

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