2015 – current

The Craftsman

Website, photos, videos

We created images and videos for The Craftsman’s campaigns and menus. We also designed a website to introduce The Craftman’s three restaurants: a multi-award-winning cocktail bar, a speakeasy jazz club and a restaurant that aims for the stars.

A bar, a restaurant and a jazz club. One vision, quality above all else.

The Craftsman originated as a tiny cocktail bar in one of the most important squares of Reggio Emilia. Over the years, it was able to retain a series of loyal customers by significantly improving its products’ quality, inviting international bartenders and experimenting.

That very same research process that can be found behind each course and cocktail also distinguishes all videos, all photographs and the website. How could have we been able to communicate all this to the customers without visually replicating the company’s research? Since the beginning, concentrating on the company’s image has always been of the utmost importance, in order to enable it to stand out from its competitors and show the most elegant side of their products.

Kipo Studio develops ad-hoc websites, working on establishing a communication strategy that enables the customer to reach his goals.


Creating a tailor-made visual imprint.

The goal has always been standing out from competitors and showing a more “classy” side to the company. Collecting photographs is necessary to show the evolution of a menu that is constantly changing and striving to offer the customer something new. The idea of elegance is conveyed by the look we carefully developed for the images, in which a product, cocktail or dish is isolated from its usual environment. A new, denaturated perspective made of contrasting shadows highlights the chromatic details that are associated with an exclusive product. This makes it possible to give two gifts to the user – that is, a memory for the future, together with a different vision than what he could have found if he had physically faced the actual dish: it’s a way to remember what we could describe as a real ephemeral art form. The drink, or the dish’s photograph, then becomes the final ingredient of the drink itself.

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