Armeno Caffè

Website, E-shop

We created this e-shop from scratch, making it extremely different from its competitors. In a market that is overflowing with cheap coffee capsules vendors, Armeno stands for high quality. It’s not an ordinary e-shop, but a roastery from Parma with a strong historical identity opening up to the World.

Personality: coffee and his mascot, Penelope.

Armeno, a well-established company that specialises in coffee sales, wanted to attract a younger audience by modernising its online presence and creating an e-commerce website that could let the quality of its products shine through.

Kipo Studio develops and designs websites starting from scratch, building their structure from their grounds, in a way that lets the customer create and update his own contents in complete autonomy.


An e-shop that can be managed by the customer.

Caffè Armeno creates new products all the time, so its e-shop needs to be updated very often. We chose WooCommerce to design their e-shop for its ease of use and for the way it can support plugins and marketing tools.

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