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Accademia Italiana della Forza

Website, logo, branding and photos

We handled rebranding and created a blog and an e-shop for a sports association that was the first to promote powerlifting in Italy on its hugely successful blog, almost elevating it to science. For this reason, AIF required a strong, recognisable, sporty image that also needed to be professional, rigorous and nearly scientific.

Powerlifting for those who like to train with their heads too.

AIF acquired followers thanks to its blog, whose articles are full of useful advice on how to improve one’s training. It offers serveral courses and seminars throughout Italy, and it certifies instructors for Federazione Italiana di Powerlifting. For this reason, it needed a website with a clear structure that would not confuse the customer with its two different souls.

Kipo Studio develops and designs websites starting from scratch, building their structure from their grounds, in a way that lets the customer create and update his own contents in complete autonomy.


A brand inspired by the classics

AIF’s corporate image needs to send across the seriousness and passion it promotes with its training method. The logo represents a stylised Atlas (in Italian, Atlante) who is supporting the Earth. We chose this mythological figure because it combines the ideas of force, dedication and sacrifice, three values that serve as an inspiration for all athletes and instructors wishing to excel in this discipline.

A blog with an ordinary e-shop

AIF’s users are loyal visitors of its blog, a place they can always trust to provide them with new advice on how to improve their performance and perfect their exercise techniques. An e-shop that sells courses, seminars and merchandising is an extra feature that can’t prevail on the blog, as it would have a negative impact on how much visitors enjoy reading it. At the same time, a user that is interested in visiting the e-shop needs to be able to find the most suitable course for his needs in a short period of time.

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