Easy as a book

Fun as a popup book

In this example you can see what we can create with just a few Divi-native animations and a pinch of creativity. Are you ready for takeoff?

You’re about to see a glimpse of what we envisoned for Novera Solutions. This is a collection of ideas and thoughts rather than a website proposal.

Pssst… on mobile it’s even better!

Salesforce isn’t scary anymore!

We’re going to use CSS and SVG animations to drive the user’s attention towards points of interest and calls to action keeping the website fun and human-friendly.

Claims and statistics serve no purpose if the product is perceived as overly difficult. Animations are reassuring and good for some gamification.

A new era 

Who knows what the future holds? Trying to answer this question led to some of the greatest pieces of art and literature. So what does this nova æra look like?

We love the naïve representation of the cosmic future that people imagined in the 50s. They trusted technology, dreamt of landing on the Moon and hoped in progress.

Tecnhology had a friendly face.


A new brand identity

Space grants us a great variety of characters to choose from. Our mascot could be an astronaut, a machine, an ingenious alien, a little monster, a spacecraft or something else – after all, who knows what’s coming in this new age?

And space travel seems like the perfect metaphor for gamifying the journey of your clients across the “how can we help” form.

A new website

This presentation was just the beginning, the birth of a new idea. Now it’s time to develop this idea together, change it, make it yours and undertand the needs of your clients even further.

We’ve already talked about price and we wanted to show you a sketch of what we believe is one possible outcome of our future collaboration.

To be fair, designing and drawing such a brand identity from scratch requires a slightly higher budget than the one that I anticipated during our last chat. However, we are used to plan a visual strategy around a given budget. So, let’s discuss it together and define an agreement.